National Executive Committee


The National Executive Committee shall possess and exercise such powers of the National Council as may be delegated to it by the National Council. The National Executive Committee shall:

 Advance and promote through advocacy the objectives and purposes of Rahnuma.

Undertake resource mobilization for Rahnuma.

Review the Rahnuma Annual Report and Financial Statements each year, and make recommendations to the National Council in order to facilitate the National Council,s consideration and approval thereof. Recommend to the National Council the budget and any re-appropriation of the budget according to the funds received.Frame Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations for Rahnuma for consideration by the National Council. Propose amendments in the Constitution, Bye-Laws, Rules and Regulations for consideration by the National Council.

Consider and approve financial and management regulations and amendments thereof, which govern the affairs of Rahnuma. Receive and review reports from the Chief Executive Officer on the implementation of the approved Annual Programme and Budget and follow-up of decisions of the National Council and work of such Advisory Committees as are established.

Appoint Chief Executive Officer and determine his/her terms of service.

The functions of the NEC have since been delegated to President Rahnuma-FPAP during the interim period of meetings.

Approval of conducting officer for election year for NC, RC and RCC.




1.            Dr. Rasheeda Panezai, President Rahnuma-FPAP,

2.            Ms. Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, Chairperson, Rahnuma-FPAP

3.            Ms. Zarine AzizTreasurer, Rahnuma-FPAP

4.            Mr. Hidayat Shah, Vice President Federal, GB & AJK Region,

5.            Mr. Ruhul Ameen, Vice President KP Region,

6.            Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Qureshi, Vice President Punjab Region,

7.            Mr. L. K. Sharma, Vice President Sindh Region,

8.            Ms. Iqra Alam (Youth)

9.            Mr. Mohsin Bin Iqbal (Youth)

10.         Syed Kamal Shah, Chief Executive Officer



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