Rahnuma-FPAP is a volunteer based nonprofit rights oriented organization governed by its duly elected governance body, called National Council. It is responsible for policies, strategic planning and has oversight functions. The governance has executive responsibility for Rahnuma’s administration, activities and internal control.  The National Council of Rahnuma-FPAP shall consist of 30+2=32 members, six to be elected from each of the five Regional Councils, regional chair shall be amongst those six members, one to two of whom will be youth members and one from vulnerable and marginalized group / people living openly with HIV on rotation basis to maintain the gender balance i.e. 50%. Two members to be elected by National Council from within volunteer base of Rahnuma-FPAP keeping in mind their services in social sector (SRHR), civil service, legal and/or philanthropists (gender balance shall be ensured).  The immediate past President of Rahnuma-FPAP shall be an ex-officio member for the next term without a vote. The National Council of Rahnuma-FPAP shall have at least 50% representation of women. Rahnuma-FPAP Chief Executive Officer shall be ex-officio Member/Secretary without vote.

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