Increasing access to Life Skilled Based Education
Rahnuma-FPAP developed sustainable alliance with the key partner organizations, government officials from different ministries. Rahnuma-FPAP  National Youth Network members is formed to advocate for LSBE at national and provincial level. Its first consultative meeting was held in Lahore. The meeting focused on developing of sustainable advocacy network with key stakeholders to promote LSBE and undertake national and provincial advocacy activities.   Rahnuma-FPAP National Youth Network members are working together for the adaptation of It is All in One Curriculum framework to the Pakistani context. A task force has also been formed with the key organizations working on youth SRHR in country, which includes UNFPA, WPF, Aahung, Rozan, Oxfam,and  Plan Pakistan. A series of consultative meetings on framework were conducted with  Rahnuma-FPAP National Youth Network members and task force members for the finalization of the LSBE framework for Pakistan. The Framework Comprehensive Health and Rights Education in Pakistan has been developed and printed. The purpose of such detailed deliberation for a year was to develop a comprehensive and acceptable framework that all stakeholders agree to and will together advocate for the public institutions.

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