MDG 5 Alliance:

The reason behind the formation of this alliance at the national level and its provincial chapters in all provinces including GB and AJK is the fact that as a result of the enforcement of the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the Ministry of Population Welfare has been devolved to provincial governments. The responsibility for running the Population Welfare Program no rests with the provinces. It is essential to ensure that provinces give due importance to the Population Welfare Program and commit politically and financially to continue and improve upon it.


The Alliance endeavors to articulate an advocacy and lobbying/communication strategy which may advance and accelerate progress on MDG 5 and its related indicators while also undertaking collaborative and coordinative efforts. It further endeavors to strengthen civil society participation in development efforts that responds to local needs. This citizen partnership in the form of a civil society alliance will push for more inclusive and responsive public policy   and action. The advocacy strategy would have certain stipulated goal, objectives and outcomes. The goal of the advocacy based civil society alliance is to �?? accelerate progress on MDG 5b by strengthening civil society engagement to hold government to account its SRHR commitments.


The Alliance in its first inception meeting (13th July, 2010 at Shirkat Gah Office, Lahore) set some immediate targets which include efforts to incorporate MDG 5 b in National and provincial health and populations policy,to conduct gap analysis of the Pakistan MDG report, draft and despatch letters to both the President and the PM, organize and hold urgent meeting with President/PM to deliver letter, engage the Print and electronic Media along with the National Commission on the Status of Women, lobby with selected parliamentarians including the Women Caucus, MoPW, MOFA, MoH and the P&D Department. It also envisions mobilizing existing alliances for support and collaboration and mustering the support of the donor community. The alliance members decided to hold it next review meeting in October 2010 to formulate and finalize a long term strategic plan with regard to the MDG 5 b Alliance.    


TORs of the Alliance:
The initiative will broaden consensus on the above mentioned objectives. The Alliance seeks to forge collective will and to mobilize concerted action at the institutional and civil society level. In order to guide this initiative, the Chair in consultation with the Executive Council of the Alliance has designed the following TORs:


�?�    Provide an assessment of priorities and strategies for MDG 5b
�?�    Identify collective actions, both at the institutional and civil society level in order to address its objectives.
�?�    Recommend a practicable program of action for GoP, Provincial governments, CSOs and other stakeholders.
�?�    Strengthen mutual understanding, respect and shared values.
�?�    This Executive Council will formulate plans containing analysis and a program of action to emphasize the importance of mutual understanding, and to propose specific mechanisms by which it can be advanced, including but not limited to developing better understanding Not clear.

National Parliamentarian Caucus
Months long effective advocacy of Rahnuma FPAP bore fruit when on November 23rd, 2012, some sixteen parliamentarians across Pakistan vowed their support in the presence of various media and government representatives as well as various national and international organisations. The interactive dialogue during the consultation sessions led to a formation of a parliamentarians' caucus. The parliamentarians pledged to play their role in advocating the cause to help bridge gaps in policies. Inter provincial experience sharing added to the zeal and commitment of parliamentarians to the cause of SRH & MNH for AGYM. They also ensured that they will consolidate their efforts through provincial resolutions and inclusion of Sexual and Reproductive Health needs of young women in national and provincial policies.


To advocate for bridging the policy gap regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) issues and needs of Adolescent Girls and Young Mothers.
To champion the cause of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) for Adolescent Girls and Young Mothers at all social, political and policy forums.

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